Massive Transfusion Protocol and Rapid Infuser

Blood bank number: 5-6260

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Rapid infuser key points

  • Use the rapid infuser in patients above 10 kg with significant bleeding.
  • The rapid infuser requires
    • A dedicated, large bore catheter, preferably a RIC (rapid infusion catheter) line.  Do NOT use with a central venous catheter, as the bores of even the largest catheter are excessively small.
    • A dedicated nurse and/or physician to track volume administered and maintain adequate intake.
  • CAN administer crystalloid (normal saline, Lactated Ringers, PlasmaLyte A), packed red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma.
  • CANNOT administer platelets, cryoprecipitate,  or medications via the rapid infuser.

Instructional video

Maximum flow rates (mL/min)

Arrow Rapid Infusion Catheter (RIC)

Catheter size Lumens Lumen gauge sizes Maximum flow rate (mL/min)
7 Fr Single 13.3 ga 1,137
8.5 Fr Single 11.8 ga 1,200

Peripheral IVs

Hub color Gauge Maximum flow rate (mL/min)
Yellow 24 17
Blue 22 35
Pink 20 60
Green 18 105
Gray 16 220
Orange 14 330

Cook Percutaneous Catheters

Catheter size Lumens Lumen gauge sizes Average gravity flow rate (mL/min)
4 Fr Double 20 ga/22 ga 23 (distal) or 12 (proximal)
5 Fr Double 20 ga/20 ga 20 (distal) or 15 (proximal)
5 Fr Triple 18 ga/23 ga/23 ga 20 (distal) or 2 (proximal)
7 Fr Triple 16 ga/18 ga/18 ga 49 (distal) or 20 (proximal)

Bard PowerPICC Catheters

Catheter size Lumens Lumen gauge sizes Average gravity flow rate (mL/min)
4 Fr Single 18 ga 21.2
5 Fr Single 18 ga 19.8
5 Fr Double 18 ga/18 ga 9.6
6 Fr Double 18 ga/18 ga 12.6
5 Fr Triple 18 ga/20 ga/20 ga 16.3/2.2
6 Fr Triple 17 ga/19 ga/19 ga 19.4/4.6



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Bard PowerPICC package insert
Cook catheter vascular catheter package insert [PDF]