Our team

John Kheir, MD is an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and a staff physician in the Cardiac ICU at Boston Children’s Hospital.  He directs a translational research lab that works to identify and create solutions to key problems in cardiac intensive care.  His specific areas of interest include oxygen metabolism, mitochondrial energetics, the use of hydrogen to protect the brain following ischemic events and information technology.  He can be contacted at john.kheir@childrens.harvard.edu with any comments, complaints, suggestions or errors.

KaiOu Tang, MA is a medical illustrator at the Heart Center at Boston Children’s Hospital.  She worked with Dr. Kheir, Dr. Steven Sanders (a cardiologist with vast experience in anatomy and embryology) and Dr. Baird (a talented cardiac surgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital) to illustrate the images hosted on this website and in our handbook.  As you can see, we like to have fun together.


Timothy Reiad is a freshman at Brown University.  Working alongside Dr. Kheir, Tim was responsible for the translation of the information within the handbook onto this website for global consumption.

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